The Dr. Pat Show Dr. Pat Baccili

Thriving Instead of Surviving

When Dr. Pat is not on-air with her #1 talk show The Dr. Pat Show, she is putting her heart and soul into her clients. 

Online Business Branding & Marketing

online business branding and marketing

Dr. Pat Baccili has helped create some of the names you may hear on Transformation Talk Radio such as, Cultural Brilliance™, The Art of Powerful Living™, and many more. If you have a vision but don't know where to start, she can help. Work with Dr. Pat to bring your vision to life. This will include intense coaching and mentoring to help you realize your full potential. You may need a new website, don't worry she has that covered too.

Radio & Media Coaching

Radio and media coaching

Dr. Pat is considered a pioneer in positive talk radio. She will teach you everything she has learned in the last 14 years of being an on-air personality. Everything from how to conduct your own interviews, how to be interviewed, and how to conduct yourself on camera or on stage. Practice your skills and get feedback from one of the best in the business.

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