Guest Profile

Ruqayyah Abdul-Rahim

Ruqayyah Abdul-Rahim is a highly sought after powerful intuitive healer and Trauma Informed Survivor Coach. She founded Ruqayyah & Co. - a holistic healing house for women that provides clients the tools & resources for clients to heal their mind, body and soul naturally and sustainably.  


She believes that in order to truly heal we have to take a holistic approach treating the mind + body + spirit. Only through treating our FULL selves can we learn to be safe, self confident, and full of self love.


Ruqayyah's unique gift is using a combination of scientific based techniques and intuitive healing to empower clients to take it to the next level in their healing journey. She has helped hundreds of female clients from Stay-At-Home-Moms to athletes to Corporate Executives achieve freedom from emotional and physical pain.