Guest Profile

Rachelle Simpson Sweet Ph.D.

Dr. Rachelle is a Certified Epigenetic Health & Wellness Coach with a Ph.D. in Neuropsychology. She works with clients to change their lifestyles through biological individuality and understanding genetics. Using genetic blueprints and body bio-markers as the guide, she helps women who are fatigued, stressed, and not sleeping to design a lifestyle of energy, and clarity, so they can wake up with confidence and rock their day. Through visioning, clients discover new ways to look at challenges and are encouraged to experiment with new techniques to move them closer to becoming their B.E.S.T. version.

More About Dr. Rachelle
My entire life, I have struggled with weight issues and started dieting at 13 years of age. I understand what it's like to have diets fail and feel like you can't change your body's programs. After years of struggling, I lost over 100lbs and have successfully maintained that weight loss despite a challenging experience with menopause. I am a constant student. First, with a formal education in clinical psychology and neuropsychology to understand what makes us tick. Then with continued study into what makes life better, not only to survive but to thrive, I found epigenetics. I discovered the body's code (DNA) and how it works to improve our individual biology and epigenetic expression. Utilizing genetic blueprints as the guide to enhance sleep, nutrition, and movement. The goal is not just to be well but to be healthy and optimized at any age.