Guest Profile

Pietro Abela

Pietro Abela, is the visionary and founder of The ARC (A Return to Consciousness) Institute, the creator of ARC Bodywork, and the originator of BodySpeak.

He has been an ARC Practitioner since 1990 enjoying a full practice with an extensive waiting list for the last twenty-six years. Pietro is also a distinguished teacher, mentor, and workshop leader, and writer. Pietro's studies and research on stress, emotional issues and their connections to physical well-being led him to development of ARC's powerful self-healing methods.

His creation of BodySpeak, an 8-step dialogue technique and creative communications process became an important addition to ARC Bodywork Therapy’s support of physical and emotional well-being. BodySpeak’s communication tools are currently being used effectively in school and college teaching programs, health-care facilities, business management, counselling professions, senior care, parenting and personal relationships.

Many of Pietro’s clients wanted to learn his highly successful health care techniques. This led to the creation of the first ARC course in 1994. The courses grew in popularity and eventually developed into complete programs. The ARC Institute opened its doors in 2000 as a school of consciousness. As a health modality and a personal growth support, ARC has become the catalyst for thousands of people to become better parents, career professionals, life partners, and healthy communicators. It enables many to experience the self-confidence to allow them to excel in life and to discover dependable physical health, emotional well-being, and ongoing vitality.

Pietro travels internationally for The ARC Institute. He is a teacher with the Centre at Naramata. He has recently completed his first book, A Return to Consciousness, and awaits a publishing date. Excerpts from his book may be viewed at