Guest Profile

Michelle Barr

Michelle Barr is the Founder and CEO of Michelle Barr Unlimited. Michelle has been involved in the healing arts for the past 20 years, first as a mental health counselor, then a hospital chaplain, Interfaith Minister and Spiritual Director. With the intention of bridging the gap between her mental health and medical career and her spiritual work, training and experience, she moved into alternative and complementary medicine and holistic healing. Michelle is a Holistic Coach, Energy Medicine Intuitive, Teacher, Speaker, Writer and Radio Show Host.

Utilizing a Holistic approach that addresses the Body, Mind and Spirit, Michelle helps people come to new understandings and new ways of being and doing and having that move them into their best life.

Michelle is a community builder locally and globally. She is the founder of H.O.P.E. House Healing and Wellness Community in North Texas, "Helping Other People Exist, Evolve and Excel."

In 2003, Michelle turned her life into an experiment with the Law of Attraction, which resulted in the creation of her body of work, Healing Your Way To Prosperity and her new 30-Day Breakthrough MasterMind. She believes that Inner Healing is a Strategy For Success and has created a body of work that addresses this component of the personal and spiritual growth and development journey. Michelle has identified an integral piece of the Law of Attraction puzzle that is often neglected in the process and yet, she believes, is key to making the Law of Attraction work and to living your highest potential and creating your best life.

Michelle also co-created Practical Spirituality with Psychic Medium Kim St. Andre. Practical Spirituality includes a weekly radio show on the Snap Out Of It Radio Network, a series of classes, a group coaching program and other offerings.

In the past 3 years, Michelle has created and built her own business doing work that aligns with her purpose and passion. Last year, she quadrupled her business in clients seen and income generated. More than this, though, she has created and continues to create the life of her dreams, which includes all areas of her life. Michelle currently owns and operates three successful income-producing businesses, and the most important part of all this is that she does what she loves every day

Einstein said, "You cannot solve a problem with the same mindset that created it." Michelle encourages people to embrace and embody the key belief that you are completely responsible; the Creator and Master of your Universe and in control at all times.

"When we begin to dream big dreams, to set intentions and goals for ourselves, when we begin to strive for prosperity, abundance, health, wealth and success, everything that is not in alignment with that rises up to be healed or transformed. We must heal so that we can soar." -- Michelle Barr, M.Ed.