Guest Profile

Duquesa Dean

Duquesa helps people to evolve into who they were born to be and step into the lives they’ve always dreamed of. 

Duquesa is a Certified Public Speaker, Corporate Trainer, Published Author of 5 books and Publisher of The Evolving Woman Magazine and a Philanthropist. 

She is a Bahamas beach lover who coaches & trains employees in the corporate world as well as provides professional development and personal development coaching. 

Duquesa is passionate about this work because as a teen and even in her adult life, she often felt inept and longed for the support of other women to help her grow.

Using the experiences of her past, she helps people to evolve into who they were created to be. She knows firsthand how it feels to be obligated to the rules of family, society, and friends all while feeling unfulfilled. Her passion to free them from the shackles of the past and from the “what will other people think” syndrome led her to become a certified life coach. 

Duquesa is convinced she is “called” to fulfill this purpose and is grateful that God provides her with the opportunity to serve the world in this capacity. 

As a result of the work she does, people heal and are more confident, courageous as well as resilient. 

Duquesa understands and lives strives to be a Titus 2 woman. She cultivates a safe space for others to share, release and to craft their lives according to the vision God shares with them for their future. 

She recognizes the power of inner revolution and as a result, guides others to be introspective as a first step toward moving from overwhelm to taking ownership of their lives. 

Duquesa stepped in being an entrepreneur with the goal of making her family her #1 priority. This is one of her non-negotiable values. 

Duquesa is married and is the mother of two children. One of the joys in her life is her granddaughter who she affectionately calls her Nana Love.