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  07/26/2011      11:30 am

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Healing your soul with Cindy Schreiber and her guest Dorothy Beale

Guest Profile

Dorothy Haynie Beale

Dorothy Haynie Beale

Dorothy means "Gift of God" and she was dedicated to God at her birth. She is a Spiritual Intuitive, gifted with deep wisdom and understanding that provides amazing Spiritual insights and understanding as revealed in her book, "Soul Therapy."

Dorothy and her husband, Bill live in Roseville, CA a suburb of Sacramento. They are very active senior citizens enjoying golf and dancing.

Dorothy has conquered two challenges with cancer, and wrote her book, "Soul Therapy" as a result of that life changing challenge. She has also authored a mini-book "Attitude Adjustments from A through Z" Both of these books can be obtained by calling Dorothy at 916-865-4121 or sending her an e-mail at


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