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Dana Baggs

Dana and her son Graeson are Karuna Reiki Masters, Vibrational Sound Healers and she owns Vribrational Sound Healing, LLC. in Cheyenne Wyoming.   Dana and Graeson invite you to experience healing with the elements. The space calls forth relaxation as you walk in and you see the scared tools such as Karuna Reiki symbols, Drums, Windchimes, Song Bowls. Dana uses her voice to chant and facilitate your experience to be the ultimate calm and relaxing experience as it enhances the connection with Divinity and Spirit, bringing uplifting energy and movement to each chakra in the body.  Dana places song bowls over and around your body as well as moving them up and down the body during the healing,  giving a full body massage with bowls instead of hands helping stimulate blood flow, relaxation, improving sleep, lowering stress, reducing chronic pain, blood pressure anxiety and depression!  The Tibetan singing bowls go beyond relaxation while stimulates healing!

When placing bowls on and around the body, sound vibration moves stuck or heavy, dense energy as it travels through the body it promoting circulation, energy flow, and rejuvenation.  The frequency of the sound waves syncs with brain waves activating the destress response in the body. In turn, it increases your vibrational energy which can renew your sense of purpose.