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Annie Spiegelman

Raised and hardened in the asphalt jungle of New York City, Annie Spiegelman moved to the Bay Area over ten years ago and became a passionate environmentalist and Master Gardener. She is the author of three books on gardening and life: ANNIES GARDEN JOURNAL: Some Thoughts on Roses, Life, Weeds, and Men and GROWING SEASONS: Half-baked Garden Tips, Cheap Advice on Marriage and Questionable Theories on Motherhood. Her third book entitled TALKING DIRT: The Dirt Divas Down-to-Earth Guide to Organic Gardening Penguin Group, Spring 2010 was released in the spring.

Spiegelman writes a popular organic gardening column entitled Dirt Diva in the Bay Area's Pacific Sun newspaper and blogs on The Huffingon Post while also working in film production as a First Assistant Director. She claims she spends her days dodging bullets from the cutthroat publishing business, the maniacal movie industry and her teenage son. And rarely uses medication.