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Our Vision

is to set the standard for a new and fresh kind of Talk Radio, creating conversations that are transforming the world, one listener at a time!!!


 Our Mission

is to broadcast a distinctive blend of live talk radio interviews with a mix of uplifting and intelligent news, educational and practical information. Topics range from personal development to critical issues relevant to a rapidly changing world. As Dr. Pat says, "we talk about everything from sex to spirituality with a vibration that honors the dignity of the human spirit."  





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NEW SHOW! A Shot of Joe Premieres Oct. 25th  at 3pm pt / 6pm et

NEW SHOW! A Shot of Joe Premieres Oct. 25th at 3pm pt / 6pm et

This show provides the information, inspiration and tools people need to make positive changes in all areas of life. Bestselling Author, Spiritual Life and Business Coach, Joe Nunziata, brings his higher energy, no nonsense style to people who are ready to make powerful changes now!

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