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The Dr. Pat Show Network

Our Vision

is to create a platform for experts to share their message to help millions of people live life full out! Our co-hosts and sponsors are part of our radio family. Together we are creating positive change in the world through radio and media. The Dr. Pat Show Network is dedicated to bringing this form of positive media in to the mainstream to take our media back. The world is hungry for what these experts are here to provide.

"When I dialed a wrong phone number in 2003, I had no idea it would lead me to buying my first hour of airtime on an internet station. I had a vision and that vision was to reach 1 million people and help them live their lives full out. For me that vision was realized within my first year doing radio. I continue to realize that vision everyday through my show, my incredible co-hosts and guest, and the hosts on Transformation Radio. They are all on the same vibration and mindset of creating a better world. I have to pinch myself sometimes when I look at all that we have created."- Dr. Pat

transformation talk radio on air

The Dr. Pat Show Network - Our Mission

is to broadcast positive, educational, information that will inspire our audience. We will continue to bring you leaders in the fields of human potential and self-improvement. This network is part of Dr. Pat's overall mission to create a better world.

Sponsors and Advertisers

THRIVE by Jen™
Conscious Creation with Host Dee Wallace
Business Game Changers Radio
Stellar Reflections - Christine Upchurch
Chef Rossi
Fear and Anxiety Solution - Dr. Friedemann Schaub
Dr. Agnes Frankel
Up or Out with Connie Pheiff
Cultural Brilliance - Claudette Rowley
Lucid Planet Radio with Dr. Kelly