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Katina Makris - Host

Katina Makris - Host

Lyme Light Radio -Author-Out of The Woods, educator, and engaging Lyme disease motivational speaker, Classical Homeopath and Certified Intuitive Healer

"Being a host on Transformation Talk Radio has been a truly life altering experience for me! I am now launched into a role where I interview the most prominent, intelligent, gifted authorities in the world, on all matters related to Lyme Disease, the epidemic illness of our era. To be sharing cutting edge information and inspiration is a gift. To have been positioned into the world of fame and sterling accomplishment is priceless. The entire team on the Dr. Pat Show network are remarkable, helpful, creative folks. I have felt supported, guided and treated with great respect. This is a class act and a rare opportunity to do some ground breaking work, if you put your nose to the grindstone and follow their guidelines. Success is then inevitable!

I am flooded with emails and FB mssgs all week long from listeners chiming in on how much they love it!! YAY!!

What an experience this has been - I am in awe sometimes that I am doing this! Now world famous docs contacting me to come on!!"