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Sponsor Profile: Sara Loos

Sara Loos Mentoring

Sara Loos Mentoring

E3 Influence Radio With Sara Loos 

Not your ordinary coaching approach, Sara leads clients to harness inSPIRITation so as to consistency have “right” responses for better living.  Her methods increase productivity, creativity and ignite our life force as they connect us with their deepest, most divine, inner wisdom.The goal of this work? To literally help us evolve, raising our level of consciousness and opening the doorway to exceptional, new possibilities at home, at work, and in the world at large.

Never before in our history has there been so much a need for our species to choose better. Institutions all around us are shattering and a new way of being is called for. Corporations and teams wishing to remain competitive in these turbulent times will need to embrace and encourage the greatest potential of each employee. As leaders in your field, community or home, it’s time you recognize how your influence can shape a brighter, more conscious future for all.

Sara’s proprietary E3 Influence program provides the path we need for this brighter future. E3 is far more than self-development. It’s self-evolution and human mastery involving the:

1) Enlightening of our Minds  - addressing the Ego and overcoming old programming/behaviors that limit your ability to choose authentically

2) Empowering of our Hearts – the ultimate path, where our soul voice leads decision-making, as the heart is far more powerful and influential than the mind. 

3) Energized Action – Once the first two anchors are in place, you’ll find that passionate and purposeful action is now easy and unquestioned and conscious evolution in all areas of your life become effortless.

Sara’s approaches are backed by scientific research and are often fun and easy. Her works spans almost two decades and has greatly improved the lives of thousands of clients around the globe. She is an author of “The Miracle Worker’s Handbook: A Seeker's Guide to Creating an Exceptional Life,” is a highly gifted empowerment coach and intuitive healer, and is an extraordinary woman of influence.

We’re thrilled to have Sara here at Transformation Talk Radio to provide her guidance to listeners. If you want to learn more about the mentoring, workshops or corporate outreach programs that Sara offers, check out her website at