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Family Healing with Rose Salkova

Family Healing with Rose

One of the strongest influences that we will ever encounter is our family. We are told that we can’t choose our family. But what if that family is not one that we would have wished for? What if painful family memories keep us stuck in the past or awake at night? What if you got hurt? Or you hurt a loved one?

Family relationships are in the heart of my practice because I believe that they are the key ingredient of the recovery to our well-being. I combine life coaching and energy work to help people to take ownership of their lives: to stop being victims of circumstances, to take responsibility for their energy, find peace of mind and create a life they want instead of what was handed to them. It is possible to come from hardship and shine again.
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If you are frequently stuck in the past, or can't sleep at night because of painful family memories ......it doesn't have to be that way!

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