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Sponsor Profile: Quantum-Touch® with Jennifer Noel Taylor

quantum touch with jennifer noel taylor

Quantum-Touch® Inc.

Quantum-Touch, Inc is dedicated to helping people discover the healing power of their love through energy medicine. Quantum-Touch can help you reduce or eliminate pain and facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit. Quantum-Touch has a worldwide presence with over 300 instructors and 1000 practitioners. We provide work shops, healing pendants, books and online trainings. We believe that the body has the potential to heal itself and we can teach you how to tap into your own innate healing power! Go to:

As the CEO of Quantum-Touch®, Jennifer has spent the majority of her career learning how to successfully integrate spirituality and business. How do we create abundance and live our purpose? Now she would like to help others do the same. She has written two books: Love Incorporated and Spiritual and Broke ( to be published soon) Love Incorporated is a guide to finding your life purpose and Spiritual and Broke gives people the tools they need to stop struggling with money and joyfully follow their heart. Go to: