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Megan Edge Healing

Megan Edge Healing

Megan Edge Healing provides Intuitive Counseling, Past Life Discovery and Healing, Soul Trauma Healing, Energy Medicine and Intuitive Energy Massage while holding and shifting your relationship with your life story. I use many tools and techniques in my work, including visualizations, oracle cards and other divination tools, meditation, re-frame and Story-Holding.

I teach others to become Healers through my certification programs, The Confident Healer: Mind, Body and Soul Healing, a 10 month Healers’ certification course, and Intuitive Energy Massage Practitioners Certification, a three levels of Mastery energy medicine program. I also offer empowering workshops for personal, spiritual and intuitive development.

I create tools to empower my clients on their healing journey with my line of healing products, Nature Essences Sprays and Chakra/Crystal Sprays, my oracle cards, “The Hearts Journey: Healing Hearts Oracle Cards and Guidebook” and my Healer’s training book, “Falling into Being Human: An Introduction to Intuitive Healing.”

I offer workshops and talks to organizations and private groups which empower the participants with tools and techniques to help them on their own healing journey, reminding them of how powerful they truly are and connecting them with their authentic purpose. I share my teachings and wisdom with the public on my international hit radio show, Playing on the Edge Radio: Radical Change with Ease™ with The Transformation Network and The Dr. Pat Show and on my YouTube channel, Megan Edge Healing.