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Sponsor Profile: Maria Monti

maria monti the healthy bra company

The Healthy Bra Company

MARIA MONTI The Healthy Bra Company Custom-Fitting Made Easy!

As far as WE KNOW The Healthy Bra Company is the ONLY custom-fitted bra company that offers such a comprehensive way of matching your body type, unique anatomy and structure with the with the bra style(s) most suited to give you the best structural support, look, proper sizing and fit for a woman. Combining science with fashion as part of the assessment, The Healthy Bra Company is on the cutting edge of the custom bra fitting services available today.

The best news now is that once you have been fitted and purchase your custom-fitted bras, these bras can last for years (depending on the wear and care of them). In addition, the company that manufacturer's our bras have been around for 50 years and is the number one custom bra fitted bra company in the world. We work with them with the greatest of confidence.

About Maria -
Maria Monti is a bra specialist with 16 years of experience in fitting and training others, as well as over one thousand fitting hours all combined. She is first, and foremost, a professional Postural Therapist with 27 years of experience in analyzing posture and designing corrective exercise programs to relieve the stress and strain of the daily postural duress on the body.

With her experience in assessing posture and re-aligning the human structure, fitting bras was a natural accompaniment. Creating a "highly personalized fitting opportunity" for potential bra customers to receive the benefits for custom fitting naturally came next.

The Healthy Bra Company has been featured in the medical reference book "High Heels to Hormones: A Woman's Guide to Spine Care" by Dr. Christine Lasich.