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Sponsor Profile: Lynn M. Brown

Raa-Ness of Life

Raa-Ness of Life

Taking regular lives and infusing them with the magic of soul
Lynn Brown, owner of RaaNess of Life, Intuitive, Energy Healer and Medium.

Lynn works with individuals, teams, and groups to enhance their lives, heal ailments, and increase overall ability to manifest the life they desire. Her management and coaching background enables her to teach spirit tools in a way that everyday people can understand and immediately use; helping you to remember how to connect with yourself as a spiritual being with natural spiritual abilities.

Lynn's time with you will provide thought provoking insight into yourself; including passions, fears, gifts, self-made limitations, and many times the joy of simply being "seen" as your true essence without judgment.

Individual sessions include aura readings, Corporate/Business readings, energy work with athletes, and aura healings.

She also offers several workshops including her pioneering "Abundance Through Energy" workshop which allows Lynn to combine her expertise in the Financial Planning world, with her Intuitive gifts. You will literally walk away with tools you can use in both the energetic and material world when it comes to winning at the game of MONEY