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Sponsor Profile: Lore Goldstein, LMHC, M.Ed., M.S.

 Lore Goldstein, LMHC, M.Ed., M.S.

Lore Goldstein, LMHC, M.Ed., M.S.

Lore Goldstein’s journey to where she is today started back in 2011 while she was living and working in a Yupik Eskimo village in Alaska. Being as there were no roads, no malls, restaurants, or entertainment venues, she decided it was a good time began a quest to heal her physical health issues that included severe brain fog, PCOS, and “mystery” skin rashes / breakouts. Lore also took up yoga and meditation (via any DVD she could rent from Netflix) to try and reduce the internal anxiety that she was experiencing. Much to her surprise, her physical healing was a catalyst for emotional healing, spiritual growth, and recognition of her intuitive gifts.

After her 2-year Alaskan adventure, Lore made the decision to uproot her life to step into a greater purpose. She experienced first-hand the grief, guilt, and loss felt from making difficult choices that impacted others but knew that in the long run that following her spirit would bring even greater joy and abundance for all parties involved.

Lore started incorporating the use of crystals, Tarot cards, yoga philosophy, and visualization in her psychotherapy practice (with incredible results) to help her clients work through the emotional distress that was creating their symptoms. It was proof that an alternative approach worked, and the metaphysical can work in tandem with practical, evidence-based solutions.

Lore now offers coaching and mentoring programs and services for COMMITTED professionals who want to:
· Know their unique strengths so that they feel confident, complete, and powerful in life and their career.
· Know the difference between the constant chatter and directives of their mind and their soul-voice so they start listening to the "self" that’s going to support them in getting what they want.
· Understand how they are cluttering their “house” by holding on to negative emotions and making choices out of obligation (or wanting validation) so that they can free themselves.
· Find the wisdom in all experiences (the good, bad, and ugly) in order to grow, evolve, and in many cases, live out their purpose.
· Get unstuck and who are READY to eliminate any barriers in their way.