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Inner Alignment with Kim Beekman

Inner Alignment with Kim Beekman

About Kimberly

Kim Beekman is a Lightworker, Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor, Reiki Master, and Shamanic Practitioner. She blends Yogic sciences, Shamanic techniques, and neuroscience-based body-focused trauma healing to provide a very deep spiritual healing experience for clients.

Healing Team

Inner Alignment provides Healing Intensives and Certifications through the dedicated work of our Healing Team. Each Healer has spent decades doing their own inner work. As a member of this expert team, they have spent thousands of hours in ongoing skill study and practice so they can work compassionately and precisely with clients through the Inner Alignment System of healing.

There are three levels in the Inner Alignment System:

  • Level 1 Inner Healing and Transformation provides the inner work necessary to heal old trauma packets and rewire the six layers of the body back to inner alignment with the Heart
  • Level 2 Coach Certification teaches how to facilitate inner transformation with your own clients as a practitioner in your community
  • Level 3 Soul Retrieval Healer Certification teaches the unique Inner Alignment Soul Retrieval process that shifts trauma vibrations out of the body so that inner freedom can be experienced by clients

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To determine whether Inner Alignment is a good fit, schedule a session to develop your Healing Blueprint (30min, $45) so Kim can help you chart the course of your inner healing or life purpose work.