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enlighten medicine with Kelly Kay

Enlighten Medicine with Kelly Kay - Energy Healer

Kelly is here to assist people through these rapid changes of awareness that are happening on the planet at this time.

The awakening process is an awe-inspiring process, but can also come along with many physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges.

Kelly utilizes many modalities below to assist you, but always the goal is self-empowerment, freedom from fear and self-limiting beliefs, and a return to the pure state of divine Love and Light.
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Services Include:


*Energy Healing - Kelly Kay utilizes an energy modality called New Paradigm Multi-Dimensional Transformation to help transmute your pain, blocks or trauma into a state of health, harmony and happiness. This modality calls on the energy of Shamballa (the paradise of the Ascended Masters) and Mahatma (unconditional love from Source) to assist you in healing & expanding your consciousness into new multi-dimensional realities!

*Huna Hawaiian Shamanism - Bringing the energy of Aloha for healing the heart and soul, and to return a connection of the magical to everyday life. Shamanism includes journeys to the upper world to meet your guides, to the shadow world to transmute your unconscious blocks and fears, and soul retrieval to bring back pieces of your soul that got 'lost' due to trauma or pain.

*Spiritual Coaching and Meditation Training - Do you feel like you just need someone to help guide you through the often confusing and overwhelming process of spiritual awakening? Or do you need help learning how to quiet your mind, relax into true meditation, to gain peace, clarity, and access to your own spiritual connection to spirit? These sessions help you strengthen your connection to your own higher self, your I AM presence, and Spirit with greater ease and grace.

*Workshops - New Paradigm Multi-dimensional Transformation is an energy school that is about living a life of freedom, limitlessness, and love without conditions.