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Sponsor Profile: Jennifer Zelop

Thrive by Jen™

Thrive by Jen™

Jen is currently working on her book coming out in 2017. It’s an instruction manual for creating your THRIVE Life! For years, Jen’s clients have been asking; “just tell me what to do to be happy…just tell me what to do to lose weight…just tell me what to do to become more spiritual…just tell me what to do so I can accomplish my goals. Then, after going through her own transformation, Jen put pen to paper to create a ‘how to’ for creating the life you’ve always wanted….your THRIVE life.

THRIVE is what we experience when our mind, body and soul operate as one. When we THRIVE, we excel on all levels. THRIVE is creating the mindset that drives us to our visions, crushes our goals, gets things done, blazes trails and lives a life of happy. If the THRIVE Life is something you want to pursue, there is great news; you have no need to wait for the book! Jen has a “THRIVE by Jen Membership” where you’ll get 24- hour access to the elements for creating your THRIVE Life. Further, you will get inspiration, motivation and communication with Jen.

Your membership will allow you to complete an action step or listen to a supportive and inspirational video or reach out to the Tribe and ask a question. Membership will also get you access to webinars where you’ll receive first-hand the opportunity to hear guidance and support from Jen and her team.

Just a brief sample of topics are: Creating your THRIVE Life in our overscheduled lives; Nutrition; Menopause; our bodies in our twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and on; Releasing Negativity; What to do with toxic relationships; A job versus your passion; just to name a few.

Workouts and nutrition advice is also included! Training at a gym or at home, you’ll have access to a database of workouts. As a nutritionist, Jen is also here to help you THRIVE in your nutrition. Ever wonder what to eat? How to live with food? Jen doesn’t believe in diets, it’s about living with food!

Jen’s programs and guidance are based on education, certifications, collaborative think tanks and most important of all; 25 years of coaching experience. Jen herself transformed her life from corporate America, to wife and stay at home mom, to single mom to entrepreneur. Jen went from not understanding what it meant to feel love and give love to experiencing the love of a lifetime.

Visit where you’ll find an online community providing the tools and the support for you to create your THRIVE life. .