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Inner Fire Alchemy
What did you want to be when you grew up? Are you that now? Has your ardent wish changed? Is this the life you thought you would have? For some of us, it’s more simple. More clear. We know at a young age what we want and we go after it and find that path very satisfying. For others of us, the path we find ourselves on doesn’t feel right. Something is missing and we want more.

Life coaching with me helps you to unfold your inner knowing so that you can move towards the deep contentment and fulfillment that you crave. I love to support people in this process of discovery and change.

Recently I lost one of my four sons to cancer. He was 16 when he passed away three years ago. The journey of his illness and death, the family’s grief, and all of our healing processes have taught me more about life than I could have imagined. Life school is extremely difficult at times, and transformation is always possible.

Inner fire Alchemy session connects you with your deep desire to thrive and create possibility from that place. No matter where you are in your life or what you are facing, I can hold the space for your transformation. It would be my pleasure and deepest honor to do so.

Partner with Me
Currently, I am a Gold leader and educator with doTERRA. My journey with essential oils has carried me through what I hope will be the most difficult experience in my life. They have been a touchstone of serenity, strength, and insight. My family has benefited from essential oils being part of our home for 6 years and I cannot imagine our home without them. I utilize the essential oils in my coaching and healing sessions and in my yoga teaching. I also work with business owners to incorporate essential oils into their counseling, healing, and yoga businesses. I am delighted to teach you how to become a confident and experienced essential oil user. I am also eager to partner with confident and capable people seeking wellness, expansion, and abundance.

Yoga and Meditation Instruction
I am is a 200 Hour Kundalini Certified and 200 Hour Vinyasa Certified Yoga Teacher. I have also studied the Viniyoga tradition since 1991. My teaching style integrates all three of these traditions and is very gentle and slow-moving. In class, we focus upon pranayama; or breathwork, yoga asanas; or postures, shivasana, or a short rest, and meditation. People leave class feeling balanced, integrated, and clam. All levels of ability are welcome. Also, I teach meditation with the use of a healing gong. The gong helps to bring the mind to a more directable state and creates the conditions for ease in meditation.

I also offer monthly gong baths on the full moon. To see the schedule for yoga classes and gong and meditation workshops, please go my page on Facebook.