Sponsor Profile: Gabriela Embon BSc

Coaching Academy

Coaching Academy

Gabriela Embon is the founder, lead Life Coaching instructor and ThetaHealing teacher at the Coaching Academy by Gabriela Embon, where she has dedicated her life to building a dream careers helping others.

Her passion and The Coaching Academy's mission is to train the next generation of Life Coaches and Holistic Practitioners with the most transformational, innovative, and effective tools to help individuals create a life of fulfillment and abundance, starting with their own.

The Life Coaching Certification Online program teaches the “Rewire Your Brain for Success” system, a unique combination of Coaching with Healing and Entrepreneurship.

This proven program, taught to aspiring coaches every year, not only takes you through your own transformation but prepares you to build a dream career of your own.

The Coaching Academy is the body that certifies our coaches; but more than a school for coaches, it’s a community of passionate leaders who have shifted, transformed, changed and achieved their goals. We turn masters into Coaches & coaches into Entrepreneurs.

Gabriela is a thought-provoking speaker, inspiring audiences of all backgrounds to challenge their limiting beliefs and becoming the creators of their own lives. She captivates listeners and leaves them empowered with step-by-step guidance to start them on a path to their personal transformation.