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Sponsor Profile: Dr. Victor Porak de Varna

the energy paradigm with dr victor porak de varna

The Energy Paradigm

Dr. Vic is the Founder and CEO of THE ENERGY PARADIGM, a radically transformative approach for people and culture in organizations - as well as for career and life.

"My personal mission and guiding light is to help improve lives across the globe - one individual, one team, one organization at a time"

The Energy Paradigm helps individuals, teams and organizations step into their power and magic. Every person, team and organization has magic that wants to be activated and put to good use. We help you tap into that potential by bringing humanity to business, by seeing the pure potential that resides in everyone and by addressing the root causes that keep you, your team and your organization from reaching your goals. All you need is the right key to unlock the magic.

Humanity in Business | What we do for organizations
The Energy Paradigm offers training, consulting, coaching, and implementation tools to strengthen the human aspect of People and Culture. In a world that is increasingly dominated by information, automation and artificial intelligence, we help our corporate clients activate, engage and strengthen their workforces to withstand the increasing demands and pressures of our time. By helping our clients navigate and curate the energetic level (what happens below the surface but can be felt) of their organizations, we help them tackle the root causes of common organizational challenges such as employee disengagement, mis-hires, low motivation and performance-, change- and leadership resistance, lack of innovation, friction, stuckness or toxicity of workplaces. Our programs and methodologies are based on decades of research in Motivation, Engagement, Organizational & Human Energy and Business Profiling as well as more than 20 years of experience working with organizations worldwide.

Pure Potential | What we do for individuals
The Energy Paradigm provides a unique, empowering and highly effective approach to help individuals identify their inner grain and energy to make smart career and life decisions. Whether you're starting out or already a seasoned professional, we help you reach your professional and personal goals. Because employment is not something you take but something you choose, we empower individuals to take full ownership of their work-life so they can show up authentically. Our methodology and programs are based on decades of experience interviewing, assessing and profiling job and promotion candidates for employers worldwide. Using that knowledge, we help you launch or redefine your career into a direction that matches your flow, energy and inner grain. Learn more...