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Sponsor Profile: Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe M.D.

Learn how Medical Spiritual Healing and Sufism together with traditional and complementary medicine can heal life threatening disease, chronic illness and personal issues through understanding and transforming the inner causes and experiences that lock disease in place.

Foundations of Medical Spiritual Healing

Foundations 1 is Dr. Jaffe’s premier course designed for people seeking support to heal difficult illness and disease. These classes will guide you to the inner causes of illness that have been unresponsive to traditional therapy or medicine alone. If you are suffering from disease, illness, psychological issues or personal problems that you have not been able to resolve, then F1 will help you to transform and self- heal your issues in a deep and profound way. Medical Spiritual Healing (MSH), and traditional medicine form a powerful partnership that can lead to healing or improvement of many diseases.

Heal with Dr. Jaffe MD

Dr. Jaffe has merged the excellence of traditional medicine, including its diagnostic capabilities, testing, labs and treatments with the beauty of spiritual healing to provide a comprehensive system of relief to those suffering from disease, illness or those seeking to know God.

Dr. Jaffe has helped patients to heal from many serious diseases, including some that have been unresponsive to traditional medicine and deemed irreversible or terminal. These include both physical and psychological diseases such as advanced heart disease (atrial fibrillation and congestive heart failure), cancer (breast, lung and others), pulmonary disease (asthma and COPD), thyroid disease (Hashimoto’s), infectious diseases (Lyme, etc.), depression and anxiety disorders, newborn infant brain syndromes and many others. All diseases respond better to treatment, or actually heal, when the inner stressors and painful experiences associated with the disease, and held subconsciously, are healed. As you work with your favorite doctor, therapist or psychologist, Dr. Jaffe and his staff will show you how to find and heal these inner issues and painful unresolved subconscious wounds.


Introducing the new Certified Master Healer’s!

Each one of these amazing people have been Certified under Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe MD’s Sufi Spiritual Healing program to start working with clients.  They have been studying with him in his apprenticeship program over the past year and a half.  They are working under his guidance and many have been doing their own healing work for years!    
If you are interested in having a session, please call 720-523-3305 or email [email protected] for more information on scheduling a session.