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Sponsor Profile: Colonel Deb Lewis

Mentally Tough Women Program - Colonel Debra M. Lewis, USA Ret.

Mentally Tough Women Program

Col Deb Lewis’s experiences in the military, which include leading while under fire, inspired her unique 'Mentally Tough Women' (MTW) program to help women handle more stress - not de-stress - and put it to work for them.

MTW arms women (and enlightened men!) with proven strategies, insights, and tools they need in good times and times of crisis. MTW’s Stress Tools and courses/webinars focus on what it takes to successfully negotiate those stressful situations when life gets incredibly tough. Instead of creating more problems, the MTW way offers a path for those willing to do the work to gain skills and expertise that bring out the best in us and improve our relationships, both personally and professionally.

Current MTW offerings include webinars/workshops, impactful podcasts, articles, speaking opportunities, global online courses, books & MTW memorabilia sales, consulting, and executive coaching.