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Sponsor Profile: Charleen Hess

Living Whole Beauty, Fitness, & Life Coaching

Living Whole Beauty, Fitness, & Life Coaching

Charleen Hess, the founder of Living Whole Beauty, Fitness & Life Coaching, has many diverse talents and life experiences to give her the title: “Wholeness Coach.” As a Hairdresser of  26 years, she has worked with thousands of women, men, and children to help them to look their best and uncover their true inner beauty. She has mastered the skill of listening to her clients, and truly embraces the default role of  “therapist” in her work.

In her quest to heal from a life of chaos and every type of abuse imaginable, Charleen spent 12 years immersed in self-help books and therapy. In 2010, she began her true inward journey of transformational healing by working with a life coach which empowered her to process the stored emotions holding her back. This led her to break free from her repressed, unconscious life and her dysfunctional 19-year marriage.

Conscious, awake, and driven by her passion to help others, Charleen chose to become a certified life coach. Next, she combined her complementary passions for nutrition, movement, and fitness to become a personal trainer and movement coach. Charleen unites her knowledge of esthetic balance and movement in the human body, her understanding and experience of emotional processing, and her deep life experience to help people become more connected to themselves - in body, mind and spirit. From the inside out, she helps people find beauty, balance, joy, and freedom in all areas of their lives.


Charleen believes, “As humans we are not segmented pieces and parts. We can’t find wholeness and balance by working on one area of our lives, while neglecting the others.” To that end, she has devoted the last 20 years to honing her ability to help people harness their own power to create a life they love.

Charleen’s approach - in her own words: “As a coach, I don’t tell you what to do or how to look, be, or live. I help you become 
conscious… to step into your knowing. I give you practical tools to identify and overcome your blocks, heal, and become the best version of yourself. My motto is: It’s not my goal to change you into something else I just want to help YOU do YOU better!” You can find out more about Charleen and her services at and on social media at the  Living Whole Beauty and Living Whole Fitness Facebook pages.