Tails From the Vector with Colette Marie Stefan

Tails From the Vector - Dragon Art to Soothe Your...

Grace Your Space With Flare! dragon art to soothe your soul…. Paintings and energy correcting cards are the perfect tool to instill positive energy into a room because they embody movement, color, light, textures, nature and the elements, inspiring positive emotional state...

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body tune up classes with kornelia stephanie

Practice Living in Wholeness with the Body Tune U...

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the joy jam collective for conscious business owners with lynn hord

The Joy Jam Collective with Lynn Hord

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enneagram deep dive workshop with sara loos july 2nd

Enneagram Deep Dive Workshop with Sara Loos - Jul...

The Enneagram deep-dive on July 2nd…just $47. Sara is offering a 3 hourworkshop to give each of you in-depth information on your type and howbest to use this learning to transform your life and relationships. This specialpricing is limited to 20 individua...

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BEE Irresistible Tele-Spa Event with Colette Marie Stefan