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Vincent James

Vincent James, along with his wife Joann, is the founder of the national non-profit Keep Music Alive and two international music holidays: Teach Music Week and Kids Music Day. Each year they partner with hundreds of music schools, music retailers and other music organizations to offer free lessons to new students and hold events which benefit and celebrate kids playing music. Kids Music Day has also enlisted the support of over a dozen celebrities as Kids Music Day Ambassadors including Julie Andrews, Richie Sambora, Nancy Wilson of Heart, Sarah McLachlan and Todd Rundgren. Vincent & Joann are also authors of the book series “88+ Ways Music Can Change Your Life” featuring over 100 inspirational music stories from around the world, including those from a number of celebrities. Their mission is to help more kids and adults reap the academic, social and therapeutic benefits of playing music. Vincent is also a recording artist and founder of and has written dozens of custom songs for clients all around the world.