Guest Profile

Vicky Rolfe

To build influence you get to be confident in your body. And to build body confidence, you need Vicky Rolfe as your ally.


Vicky, also known as The Body Confidence Queen, is a nutrition & weight loss coach who helps powerful successful women lose unwanted weight and build body confidence.


Seasoned certified Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner and Nutritional Therapist, her expertise led her to be featured on various radio shows, podcasts and summits. Because she is dedicated to supporting as many women as possible, she also created various summits including The Body Confidence Code, featuring experts like Trent Shelton, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, Dr. Jen Esquer (Docjenfit), Anna Renderer and Melanie Young, to name a few.


When she is not helping women look and feel better within their body, she’s having dance parties in her living room with her kids or getting her toolbelt on in search of her next home renovation project.