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Vickie Aigner

Vickie Aigner, a 68-yr old health & fitness guru, mom, grandma, dog-ma, former hippie, live lover and source of great amounts of energy!

She's a health and wellness expert turned start-up founder of Alive, Fit & Free, a community where they host virtual classes and events for any age or ability.  Her path has been anything but ordinary. She started her career after facing and beating cancer at 25, being widowed at 48 with 6 children, and finally, turning her passion into a social starup at age 66.  She loves a great cup of coffee outside listening to the birds in the morning; she loves to move her body through choreographed moves and dance, which in turn brings her joy as she watches her sweet clients smile and laugh at her moves as well as marvel at their own movement.  She loves a nice Pinot Grigio and broccoli spears; and very much loves to travel and explore.  She also can't resist being dared!