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Ursula Dekker

I’ve been doing some form of healing and readings for a few years following the loss of my father. Having his connection made this journey so important to me and I received soul healing as part of working on myself and honouring the wounds my soul was ready to release. I completed training as a Radiant Soul Therapist in 2020 continuing the work on myself, and now clients, to access the source of wounds that trigger and affect moving forward and releasing old redundant behaviours and patters no longer serving their higher purpose. I’ve very recently also completed grief healing with Hannah Velten working on this life and my personal grief alongside soul grief in my past lives. Hannah gave me something indescribable. She was the first person I allowed in and dispelled the isolation and fear. I feel that working with her alongside the soul work will define and inform so much of my soul’s higher purpose going forward. Email: [email protected]