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  04/12/2012      10:30 am

The Dr. Pat Show: Talk Radio to Thrive By!: Breaking the Silence: Why Talking to Girls about Menstruation is Imperative with Tracy Puhl of GladRags and Suzan Hutchinson

Guest Profile

Tracy Puhl

Tracy Puhl is the owner of GladRags, and is passionate about helping women achieve period positivity and lowering their environmental impact. She is also the current Vice President of Women Entrepreneurs of Oregon and holds a BA in Social Science.

Inspired by the simple utility, earth-friendliness, and comfort of cloth diapers, GladRags was founded in 1992 in Portland, Oregon. It began as a home based business that quickly outgrew the extra bedroom and moved to its own building. Today, GladRags is still a small company but with a big presence, promoting positive attitudes toward menstruation and making the environment a safer, cleaner place. GladRags can be found in health food stores and natural pharmacies nationwide.


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