Guest Profile

Tomika Snodgrass

Tomika Snodgrass is the Reigning Queen of Joy & Happiness for Executive and Entrepreneurial  Women Leaders. As a happily married wife of more than 25 years, a mom, business leader and  entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in relationship management, sales, coaching,  and mentoring, Tomika is no stranger to having her cake and eating it too! 

As a result of her relationship and business development programs, Tomika’s clients push  beyond their doubts and fears, walk boldly in their purpose with an abundance of joy and  happiness, and show up in every aspect of their lives fully and unapologetically, with confidence  and enthusiasm.  

Tomika is a Certified Business Coach, Relationships Strategist, Elite True Colors Facilitator, and a  Motivational Speaker, known to set the stage on fire, as she powerfully delivers on topics that  include leadership, women’s empowerment, and the power of positivity. She has been  featured in CEO Weekly, New York Weekly, and Women Winning Magazine. She is also a  regular guest on a variety of international radio shows and podcasts and was chosen to speak at  the world-renowned Leadership Experience Tour June 2021 Edition.  

Tomika’s mission is to help every phenomenal woman to spark joy & happiness in her personal  and professional life.