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Tina L. Singleton

Tina L. Singleton is the founder of Transformation Table, a mission-based company in Charleston, SC that creates space among strangers around the dinner table. In the intimate setting of community member’s homes, honest dialogue and connection is given the opportunity to develop.


Tina believes inviting strangers to our tables allows us to see the humanity in each other, to understand that we are more alike than we are different, thereby fostering empathy and genuine connection. The intimate act of sharing a meal with someone ‘different’ can change your worldview by shaking up the preconceived ideas and assumptions that we often have about each other. Tina’s passion for using food as a tool for social change has been featured in articles in Organic LifeMagazine, the Charleston Post and Courier, and Edible CharlestonMagazine. She spoke about the power of dining with strangers  as a speaker at TEDxCharleston in October 2017 and in April 2018, Tina was honored to receive the Peace & Dialogue Award from the Atlantic Institute.