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Terree O'Neill Yeagle

I am a photographer, a lover of the light with poetry and romance the core of my being. Everything I do revolves around the camera and in business as a pro photographer for 25 years, I discover a little more each day to expand on my passion. I have my mainstay business as a portrait and event photographer as well as another entity in which I use my nature photography as the designs for fashion accessories and decor. Most recently with another photographer we have given rise to a company that offers photo adventures where we create outings, events and trips all with capturing brilliant images in mind and exploring the vast beauty and wonder all around us. 
The Moment Photography
When I make a photograph, be it of a person, a place or thing, my aim is always the same, a deep and soulful connection. That is my style of photography, it’s romantic, there is poetry and a song that is sung between myself and my subject. When that spark of truth is struck it’s literally magic and at that moment I release the shutter and I allow the air to flow back into my lungs. The essence of my subject revealed itself to me and I did what I set out to do, in a flash of a moment I’ve captured it.
No matter what I am photographing, always it’s in search of my subject’s heart. What a glorious marriage of time, space and light. I photograph love.
Studio Photography, Outdoor Photography, Location Photography | 215 679 4376 | [email protected]
Wear The Wonder

Everywhere we wander, we are enamored with life's beauty, attempting to capture fleeting bits of wonder to remind us of how precious it is to be alive.
With our imagery we aim to touch within you a special place that sparks your desires and warms your heart!
We are Wear The Wonder and we create accessories and decor with our vibrant original nature-inspired photography.
Have a look at our online store and perhaps you will find something that lifts your spirit and leaves you feeling inspired! #wearthewonder
Fashion  Accessories & Home Decor  | 215-6794376 | WearTheWonder | [email protected] 
The View Finders Adventure Company
Field Trips of Photographic Wonder
If you love photography, adore the camera and are a lover of exploration, finding new places, meeting new people, tasting new cuisines and having a blast on this wonderful planet, follow us,  because you just may have found your next adventure! |