Guest Profile

Teri Kallem

I’m Teri Kallem. S.H.E. (Simplified Health Empowerment) is a community that empowers women to live their best lives through creating healthy habits that become a lifestyle.


When you are a part of the S.H.E. movement, I get to know you, your lifestyle, your goals—and your obstacles—and empower you with a simple plan to fit your lifestyle.


I’ve been where you are – In my early 40’s, I had gained weight, struggled with low energy, never felt like working out and my food choices weren’t helping my situation. I was continually exhausted, getting through my day with diet sodas and expensive lattes. I desperately wanted to lean out and be fit!


In 2010, I started focusing on improving my overall health.  The more I learned about clean eating, supplements, and workouts that fit my busy life, the more I wanted to know. Fast forward to today, I’m now certified in Personal Training, Sports Nutrition, and Weight Loss Nutrition and I founded the S.H.E. movement to share my knowledge and empower women to be the best version of themselves!


Rethink Nutrition and Fitness with programs designed just for you as a busy woman! Finally a solution and a community that understands and can support your goals- the power of 3 is S.H.E. - Fitness, Nutrition and Community - JOIN THE MOVEMENT!

S.H.E. Fitness and Nutrition