Guest Profile

Teresa Bell

Teresa Bell, is a Toronto born author, speaker and Microsoft® Office® coach.  


She is the author of "Excel-erate to Your Energy! 10 Microsoft® Excel® Shortcuts to Super Charge Your Life!"  She has traveled the globe from Alaska to Australia, for over 20 years, teaching attendees in her workshops topics such as Time Management, Stress Management, Microsoft® Office and many other professional development skills. Even though she conducts over 150 seminars annually she still finds time to host her weekly Mastermind groups, volunteer at a cafe for homeless people or just relax with friends and family. 


The number one question that Teresa Bell is asked each training day isn’t about a formula in Microsoft Excel, it’s “Where do you get all your ENERGY?” Those who have attended Teresa Bell's powerful workshops wanted to learn what her magic formula is for her constant enthusiasm and unwavering natural energy.


In response Teresa Bell has written "Excel-erate to Your Energy! 10 Microsoft® Excel® Shortcuts to Super Charge Your Life!" to empower and energize people again.


What does Microsoft Excel have to do with your energy?


Excel-erate Your Energy was designed to correlate mini tips in Microsoft® Excel® to give you the formula to success and happiness however YOU CHOOSE to define it. Each Excel shortcut has an Energy Boosting Exercise to keep you motivated and on the right track.


In the book she shares her past personal obstacles that she faced in a lifeless career and personal life, to a life that is now, ENERGY filled with authentic happiness. 


 “Your Personal Energy is Everything. How represent yourself. How feel about the world.”


Check out her website for more information on her company and to invest in Excel-erate Your Energy.