Guest Profile

Tammie Oram

Tammie Oram is a Master Therapeutic Counsellor, Nutritional Therapist, and Reiki Practitioner, based out of Kamloops, BC.


She has been in private practice for over 12 years and specializes in using a "whole life" approach. One of the areas she is best known for is couples counselling using the 5 Love Languages model by Dr. Gary Chapman. Tammie is also the facilitator of She's Inspired Women's group, aimed to build a community of inspired and empowered women with a common goal of self development. She's Inspired offers new members a bi-monthly book club, retreat access, and many more fun things.


To put it simply, Tammie helps people get their lives on the right track so they can fulfill their goals and dreams; mind, body, and soul. She will hold your hand through the hard parts and celebrate your breakthroughs alongside you.


To connect with Tammie, visit her website or follow her social media.