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Susan Christensen

Susan came to energy healing unexpectedly. Raised in a conservative religion, it was something she was unfamiliar with and far outside her scope of thinking or experience.  After a series of events led her to her first energy session with a gifted healer, she likes to say "I walked in one person, and left another one.  Never to be the same."  This led her to take classes and become a Pranic Healer.  She has taken advanced courses and currently is the facilitator of a Pranic Healing pro-bono clinic each Tuesday night in her hometown of Austin, Texas, where there is a meditation and a team of healers to work on clients from the community.

As her abilities grew, there were some unexpected surprises along the way.  She found that ancient healers from beyond the veil use her as a vehicle to heal her clients.  She has a wide variety of healers from the beyond:  from ancient China, to a woman from Pacific Islands, to a druid from Ireland.  There are always new ones that come in when the client has a specific need.  She has also become a powerful channel.  She has found that her main client base are already healers and are ready to move to a new level of ability, gifts and understanding.  As with her healers, there are many voices of those that come in when she channels, and it is always new and different.  She is a "real time" channel, so has no fore-knowledge of the topic of the message.  She comes in with no agenda, nothing prepared. Unlike many other channels, she is able to retain her own thinking process and hears and remembers the messages as they are given. A session with Susan is always an adventure.