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Susan Axelrod

With 30+ years of experience working with individuals who care about the world, Susan is an intuitive strategist. She helps people feel good about themselves and create purposeful connections in areas of deep and abiding interest. Susan helps clients get Conscious, Clear and Confident, live in Purpose; Legacy, fulfilled. Susan’s brand includes enthusiasm, confidence, Magician [Allegory Studios]~a transformer, and a Nurturer Voice [5 Voices]~a champion of people. Above all, authenticity is her hallmark. Using these brand attributes allows her to work easily and quickly to help clients on the path to greatest success.

Susan Axelrod helps people connect to that place of personal deep-yearning to live a calm and best life. Straight-talking and no-nonsense-here, her intuition and quick wit have been helping people get on with it in her coaching work for years. Now, using her own life experience, her own trials and successes, she weaves calm & joy into her written works, motivational speaking presentations and coaching. And, she will get you laughing, the best balm for your soul. After you get soul-connected and acknowledge your wanting to make an impact in this life, she will inspire you to give-give back, give more, give now. Philanthropy, love of humankind, is her tool; she encourages others to reflect, find their own personal passion space and then commit to taking action now.