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Steve Chang

As a Hollywood stuntman, entrepreneur, and former U.S. Marine, Steve has overcome situations that most people would find terrifying. But the scariest thing he’s ever done was face his own fears and inner demons. This journey takes true courage and radical self honesty.

If you’re looking to become the hero of your life’s story, Steve is uniquely qualified in taking you through the journey. Encouraging and energizing, he is a spiritual warrior and an invaluable guide in your quest to illuminating the dark, disempowering force within. This is the path to courage and a deeply rooted inner confidence that enhances your life forever.

"I’m a bit of a rebel, a truth-seeker and freedom junkie living the life less ordinary. But at the end of the day I’m just someone seeking meaning, joy and inner peace in this thing called life. The uncovering of the human soul is what I live for. I’ve learned to forge my own path through some deep inner work, gaining the courage and clarity for living my inspirations. Now my greatest passion is in helping those who are ready to do the same so that they can have lifestyle freedom and become the hero of their own story." ~Steve