Guest Profile

Stacy Lewis

Stacy is the founder of Centaur Development Wellness Ranch in Snohohmish WA. She has years of experience in the areas of personal development, life coaching and equine based learning.

Ten years ago, she combined her passion for life coaching with her love for horses and designed an unconventional approach for human development based on the powerful experience of teaming horses with people. Her diverse approach to helping her clients explore, develop and materialize their life passion has grown from her 18 years as a business consultant and life coach. She has offered these Equine Facilitated Learning Programs to a wide range of people, including consulting companies, spiritual organizations, children and adults.

Stacy lives and works with her equine partners. When she is not developing new workshops at home she can often be found trail riding and camping in the lovely Pacific NW with her husband and friends. She enjoys swimming, reading, meditating, yoga and connecting with friends and family.