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Sindy Warren

Sindy Warren is a certified yoga and meditation teacher and a lifelong student of the practice. The author of
Radi8, Using the Practice to Cultivate Your Inner Shine, she began learning yoga in 2003, at a time in her life
when she was dealing with some challenging transitions. While she was first drawn to the physical practice, it
was the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the tradition that kept her coming back, again and again. Her
yoga practice helped her develop the skills to navigate life challenges with more grace and acceptance.
Sindy, a lawyer by trade, but yoga teacher by passion, wants to make the entire system of Yoga accessible to
individuals looking for a more satisfying and rewarding way to live.
Sindy perceives Yoga much like Michelangelo viewed his masterpiece David...He was reported to have said,” I
didn’t create David, as he was already there. All I did was chip away at the parts of the stone that weren’t him.”
She believes Yoga chips away at what doesn’t serve us to reach the pure fulfillment of who we truly are.