Guest Profile

Shuna Morelli

Shuna Morelli, MS LMT CH is the founder and director of The BodyMind Bridge Institute in Steilacoom, Washington. She has developed the BodyMind Bridge Method of Self-Healing, a breakthrough whole-mind system that unites conscious awareness of the deep creative levels of our mind with the innate wisdom of the physical body. She guides people to engage with their own body intelligence to relieve of a variety of their symptoms.
Shuna has studied with shamans in Peru and the U.S., has been a bodyworker, teacher, and an avid reader and student of quantum mechanics. She delights in exploring both our human consciousness and the magnificent physical body it permeates. Shuna sees a great shift happening in the way we deliver medical care, a shift predicated upon our emerging understanding that our deeper mind has the ability to help us heal.
Shuna has trained a full range of health care professionals to become certified as BodyMind Bridge Practitioners. From psychologists and primary care physicians, to mental health therapists and massage therapists, those who have learned the BodyMind Bridge method are using it to empower their patients to recover from their symptoms, by learning to engage with their own healing mind.
"I have come to see that our magnificent body is infused with spirit, that the two are always talking with one another, and that we can learn to listen in. When we do, we heal."
Upward and Inward!