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Shelly Ryan

Shelly Ryan brings over thirty years of education, professional and personal experiences to her coaching practice. Her passion and commitment to making a difference in people’s lives, her insight and her ability to inspire others makes Shelly a natural coach. She uses this as the foundation of her work as she guides people through life’s transitions and helps them discover what they would love to have and who they would love to be in their life—professionally, financially, spiritually, in relationships, health, finances and for fun. She then helps them make it happen! Her clients have found new jobs, started their own businesses, written books, gone on fabulous vacations, repaired relationships, found new relationships, paid off debt, started meditation practices, and gotten healthier.

Shelly grew up on a farm outside of a small town in Iowa and her world view was very small. Until her high school band trips, she had only visited two other nearby states. She didn’t understand it at the time, but there was comfort and security growing up in an environment like that…she knew what to expect and there was not much that changed.

Apparently, that wasn’t the life for her! She’s now lived in eight different states, traveled to 47 of our 50 US states and visited every continent except Antarctica (which is on her list!) She’s changed careers (not jobs) four times, got married for the first time at 53, and is ready for whatever comes next. She LOVES change!

Shelly earned her Life Coach Certification from Coach Training Alliance in 2007. She is also licensed and certified as a New Life Story Coach. She’s taken additional coursework in group coaching and coaching career transitions and has completed Landmark Education’s Curriculum for Living. She is a member of the ICF International Coaching Federation and is also a member of the Phoenix Chapter. She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and a Master of Arts Degree in Student Personnel Administration and Counseling. Her academic background as well as her knowledge and understanding of tools and theory from positive psychology creates a solid foundation for her coaching practice.