Guest Profile

Shannon Adkins

Future State CEO Shannon Adkins is committed to living and working at the intersection where colossal business success meets passion, purpose and meaning. Shannon spent 15 years driving internal innovation and seeding and developing external collaborations for major global companies including Wells Fargo, Intuit and Odesk. Shannon returned to Future State—one of the first places she’d worked after college—because it was where she felt most able to contribute her full self—something that became a top priority after she became a mom.

An expert facilitator known for supporting and aligning teams as they develop and implement innovative strategies, Shannon is quick to understand the complexities of any business and identify tangible opportunities for value creation. Shannon’s ability to connect the dots and make sense of seemingly unrelated factors helps her identify creative solutions that solve for more than just profitability, but that also help build strong and deep business cultures that value the integrity of people, communities and the planet.

Shannon challenges herself to always ask “why,” and to make sure the answers contribute to creating a world that works for everyone. An eternal optimist, Shannon believes the right team of people can find a radical solution to any problem. Weaving together the opportunity, the business needs and the collected wisdom of its shareholders, these solutions become clear and executable strategies that lead to continual success.