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Ross Taylor

When D. Ross Taylor began creating The Circle: A Guide For The Inner Explorer over fifteen years ago, it it started as a personal journey inspired by a passage in The Chalice and the Blade by Riane Eisler. Those words spoke about win-win power as a way to advance ones own development without limiting the development of others. and then went on to say that in visual terms this ideal would be best symbolized by the circle...

Inspired by these words, Ross began to explore and weave the threads of much research and many traditions into a tool with no hierarchy, just 360 of personal power for inner exploration, self reflection, insight, and transformation. The Circle is the ideal model for introspection because it is a model of the Universe itself, allowing insight to emerge when light and shadow create an intuitive image we can then consider in meditation and articulate in choice.

Ross has been working with The Circle for over 15 years, and has said that it "...invites you to explore uncharted territory, discover hidden knowledge, access new insights and really transform your life." He believes that it "...helps you help yourself because The Circle trusts you to discover your own truth."