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Rasha is a modern-day Messenger, and the author of the book "Oneness." "Oneness" has become an "underground spiritual classic" ...a book that's been passed from friend to friend, and has spread by word-of-mouth all over the world She is the author of two other books, The Calling, and her latest book A Journey To Oneness.

Rasha has worked as a courier of Divine guidance for over twenty years. In early 1998, she began an incredible dialogue with the universal Presence known to her as "Oneness"...the Divinity we all share, and many people refer to as "God." Word for word, she's transcribed thousands of pages of information for us a secretary taking dictation.

The teachings of Oneness give us a whole new level of understanding of the mystery we call "life." This material is calibrated vibrationally to empower us and to help us to take a quantum leap into our own inner depths and totally transform our lives...and our world.

Rasha awakened to her inner-calling as a Divine Messenger in 1987. Her spiritual teachers emerged from within her. And in the years that followed, she was taken step by step through the sacred journey to Oneness and through the unprecedented changes that are shaking the foundation of our world today.

As a spiritual teacher with a life-changing message, Rasha has dedicated her life to addressing the global spiritual awakening that's the hallmark of these times. Rasha is not affiliated with any established spiritual path, religion or guru. Her teachings are universal and focus on the personal experience of the Divinity within each of us.

Rasha has a wonderful website: that offers lots of free programs you can sign up for...and a beautiful Flash Movie called "Oneness: The Movie" that's had nearly 80,000 views on YouTube

Rasha describes herself as "an incurable world traveler" She's been living in South India for the last nine years. There, she fills her days with the joy of transcribing the words of Oneness for future volumes