Guest Profile

Patricia McNair

Please let me take a minute to introduce myself to you!

I am Patricia, some know me as Good Sunshine Woman, Starlight Unity Woman, and Freechild. I was born in Canada (let's modestly say Umm a few years back) When I was born I had the ability to see many things…to put it simply – I was able to see on a Soul Level - a born Seer.

Life has been interesting to say the least! Over the past twenty-five years – perhaps a bit more – I have been Divinely Guided to travel this Sacred Planet sharing Spiritual Guidance through Spiritual/Soul Readings & Healings, Customized Workshops and Courses covering all levels of KNOWING as well as Facilitation of Spirit as a sought after Speaker.

I choose to walk this path and do the work that I have agreed to do fulfilling my True Purpose and Intent for being here. I have truly been so blessed to have been invited to sit in sacred Circles of many Nations and Cultures. This for me and my wonderful husband Patrick is our WAY of Living! I know that we are ALL Connected in Oneness, and through that Oneness we All are connected. Now I have been Divinely Guided to open the opportunity of sharing my Soul/Spiritual gifts with YOU! I really look forward to connecting to ALL whom Spirit brings forward.